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Vocabulary in Context


Using context clues for help, choose the letter of the best meaning for each bold, italicized word.


Value: 10
The bacterium was so minute, or minuscule, in size that the scientist had to use a microscope to view its structure and properties.


Value: 10
The toddler would rather tear up the paper instead of coloring the picture.


Value: 10
The speech that the politician presented to the forum was so astounding that he received a round of applause.


Value: 10
Raul is an indulgent father. For instance, he lets his daughter stay up as late as she likes and he never insists that she does her homework.


Value: 10
The decision Veronica made to study instead of going out for pizza with her friends was prudent. She got an A on the exam, while her friends all got D's.


Value: 10
We thought that the woman would be very distraught at hearing of her husband's accident; however, she took the news quite calmly.


Value: 10
The bioscope, an early motion–picture projector, was considered a breakthrough when it was first introduced. It has since been replaced with state–of–the–art equipment, which will surely be considered "old" in the future.


Value: 10
Audiences immediately responded to the performances of more contemporary actors and actresses instead of those from the early days.


Value: 10
The class showed irreverence towards the teacher by not paying attention to any of the lecture, talking on their cell phones, and talking out of turn.


Value: 10
What will the future hold for one of our favorite pastimes? Will we continue to juxtapose the new movies with the old? Will we still rent the reruns of our old favorites, yet enjoy watching the lastest films on the big screen?


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