The following sentences exhibit different patterns of organization. Click the letter of your answer to the correct pattern of organization in each sentence.


Value: 5
When we go to the beach, we must take drinks and food as well as sunscreen and towels.


Value: 5
I studied all night and thought I would do well on the but I made a "C".


Value: 5
When you plant a garden, if you make sure the soil is perfect, then you will have a healthy crop hardy enough to ward off pests.


Value: 5
On Tuesday I woke up at 6:00 AM because I had a dental appointment at 8:00 AM. Then I went to work. Later in the day, I went to the doctor's office, and at 6:00 PM I had supper at my boss's house. I was very tired by nighttime!


Value: 5
As a result of the professor's discussion of influences on human behavior, the student switched her major to sociology.


Value: 5
A farrier, or blacksmith, is a specialist in horse shoeing and equine foot health. A farrier needs some of the skills of a blacksmith and some of a veterinarian.


Value: 5
Christine is an excellent reader because she grew up in a house full of books and her parents encouraged and illustrated reading for knowledge and fun.


Value: 5
As Michael walked into his shared dorm room for the first time, he noticed a bright orange rug to the left on the floor, a rooster clock on the left wall, and a man sized statue of Darth Vader in the left corner of the room.


Value: 5
One thing that makes me very angry is tailgaters, specifically tailgaters talking on the phone.


Value: 5
I gained ten pounds last year because I broke my leg and couldn't exercise for several months.


Value: 5
Desktop and laptop computers are both efficient ways to create and store data and projects, but laptop computers are more convenient and easy to carry.



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