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Fact and Opinion


Identify each statement as Fact, Opinion, or Both.


Value: 5
You should never eat red meat because it can cause high cholesterol.



Value: 5
The Atlanta Braves are the best team in the country.




Value: 5
February has 28 days, except in a leap year, when it has 29 days.



Value: 5
TCC is a community college in Tallahassee, Florida.



Value: 5
Archaeologists excavate Indian graves, but it should not be permitted.



Value: 5
Christmas is celebrated in January in the United States.



Value: 5
Everyone in this room is wearing a sweater.



Value: 5
Laptops are better than desk top computers in every way.



Value: 5
Surveys show that 25% of Americans do not read at least one book in a year.



Value: 5
It is raining outside and you shouldn't go out.


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